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Dexter Reusable Digital Notebook


In today’s technological and fast life, the digital notebook is a perfect product, that could satisfy the needs of people in many ways, saving their time and facilitate life.

Dexter Reusable Digital Notebook can surpass all your expectations with tremendous productivity.

Notebook Features

The best alternative for regular diaries, with the impressive built quality and the material, is simply unique.

It is best for the occasional writes especially for a great serial note-takers.

A digital notebook like this, can make you comfortably work without straining your energy down and useful for office works.

The cover has a rubber finish with a decent look. Smooth and thick pages allow the perfect texture to do stuff.

The notebook is reusable and can wipe the sheets to look as new. The erasing function works very well and format of the page is well designed.

The premium quality and sturdy, smooth pages looks like moleskin, which makes you relax and stress-free while drawing and erasing.

Notebook pages are mode of a proprietary composite resin which makes it 100% waterproof. Split water, tea or cola on your notebook? just wipe it dry using a cloth or tissue.

The paper looks and feels exactly like natural paper but its highly resistant to tear, this means your notebook looks new even after a 1000 uses.

Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook is one of best smart notebook availibale in the market.

Smart Digital Notebook Features


To reuse the pages again, you can wipe off the pages either with a wet cloth or tissue paper. Extremely helpful and saves your money spending for another book.


It is waterproof and has tear-resistant special pages.


Made using a special proprietary paper which looks and feels like normal paper.


The smart notebook offers the best quality and thickness of paper, which made using technological devices. It’s completely eco-friendly because 0 trees were cut down to make the Dexter paper.


you can use this pocket to store loose papers, spare tissues, wiping cloth, stickers and page markers. An extra pocket is always handy.

It works with any pilot friction ink pen

Image courtesy from Cuir Ally


  • Download the CamScanner or CamScanner+ app as per your order from the iOS Appstore or Google Play Store or Windows Phone Store.
  • Open the app, click the camera icon to scan the notebook’s page.
  • The page borders are designed to work well with CamScanner helping you create perfect scans of your page.
  • Click “more” in app to do more with your scans.

What is inside the Box?

  • 100 pages made of Special Patented Erasable Paper
  • Pilot Frixion Ink Pen
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Expandable Paper Pocket
  • Two bookmarks 


The noticeable difference between this digital notebook and other regular notebooks is the Dexter notebook provides an adventitious limitless number of pages which makes 1 Dexter book = 100 Normal books.

9 Total Score
Best Gift for Kids and Students

  • 100 Erasable & Reusable Pages
  • Premium quality, Sturdy, and Smooth pages
  • Waterproof & Tear Resistant
  • It is Quiet Easy to Insert and to Remove Pen from Elastic Band
  • Not much features in APP
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