Scratch Off Map of The World | Best gift for travelers


🎁 If you’re on the hunt for an item to gift traveler or your kid or your yourself, then Scratch off Map of the world is a cool gift for travelers and kids.


Scratch Off Map of The World

Your Next Adventure Is a Scratch Away

✈The scratch map documents your travels around the world in a unique and interactive way.

A perfect conversation starter, give them a special moment scratching the map with loved ones while sharing stories and dreaming new adventures together!

The map is printed on premium quality 200 GSM and is intricately detailed showing all small countries and islands.

The map begins with uniform gold but after you travel to a place, scratch it off to reveal the colorful country.

❤️ SCRATCH OFF TRAVEL MAP bundled in a complete set of accessories to complete your scratching experience.

A comfortable scratching tool, memory stickers to mark your travel memories, eraser to clean scratch smudges, and magnifying strip for the visually challenged.

Frame the map and impress your guest with this striking piece!

Product Dimensions:82.6(L) x 59.4 (W)cm

Best Brands

ReviewLuckies of London LtdScratch Story Maps
BOTTOM LINEThe original Scratch Map is still the bestOne of the most pleasing scratch maps on the market to look at.Lets you scratch off the area as well as the flag of each country
Various Brand
9.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Travelers

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
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