Sphero Star Wars BB8 App Enabled Robot Droid


BB8 App enabled droid have always been super fun.

The toy everyone is talking about is the BB8 droid from the team at Sphero. You don’t need to be a big Star Wars fan to appreciate droid, just a big kid.

sphero bb-8 App Enabled Robot

The app-enabled droid has an adaptive personality that responds to your voice and can record and play holographic videos.

BB8 has a head that’s independent of the body so it can spin on the spot. Star Wars robot uses magnetic casters to keep its head attached to the top of its rolling body.

Like a camera, the eye of star wars droid can see its surroundings and work out what it’s looking at.

Its rolling body allows it to traverse tricky terrain that other robots cannot manage.

This toy version has three modes: driving, which lets users direct the BB8 using a joystick on your smartphone screen.

Second, holographic messaging, which uses the phone’s camera and an augmented-reality engine to turn videos into Star Wars holographic messages.

lastly, patrol, which automates robot, documenting any collisions in its app.

App Enabled Robot Droid

Based on its user interactions, the robot will show a range of expressions, learn the obstacles in an environment, and even perk up when given voice commands.

Star Wars BB-8 Features
Star Wars BB-8 Features

BB8 Features

  • App-Enabled
  • Top speed of 4.5 mph(7ft/s)
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Autonomous behavior with authentic movement
  • Durable plastic shell
  • LED lights
  • Bluetooth connection upto 100 foot range
  • Over 1 hour of play on a full charge

What’s inside the Box?

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Induction charging base

Micro USB cable

Quick start guide

Legal guide

Free App

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid is powered by a Sphero app, available through iTunes or Google Play.

While the company no longer supports Sphero BB-8, users on iOS and Android can still download the app from the store. Users can also use our Sphero Edu app to program Sphero BB-8 robot and expand its capabilities.

Force Band for BB-8

Use the force band to drive Sphero robots powered by Bluettoh SMART.

How it Works

How it Works
How it Works
9.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Kids

  • App-Enabled
  • Durable plastic
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Bit Expensive
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