Levitating Speaker with Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC


Levitating Speaker is quite magical and levitating Bluetooth speaker. It’s best suitable for home, office, or desk environments where the product looks fancy.

Floating Speaker

It has blue LED accents like the ring that glows around it which is one of the first things that attracted guests to the speaker.

Speaker comes with a micro USB port for charging that sits right in between a power button and a Bluetooth button.

Its kind of like a little baseball fits in the palm of your hand. Floating speaker spinning above the magnetic base. The magnetic base can be used as a charging dock for tablets and smartphones.

Speaker resembles a little Death Star from the Star Wars movie. Levitating Speaker definitely going to catch the attention of all your friends and family members.

Belt-in NFC technology allows any android or iOS smartphone to pair automatically.

The base of the speaker is a sleek 25mm thick circular base that levitates speaker beautifully in the air.

Circular speaker system spinning in 360 degrees, making sure everyone in the room gets the best uncompromising music quality ever.

9.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Men and Women

Stunning looks

  • Smashing Looks
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Easy to Setup
  • Bit Expensive
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