Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Desktop


Now you can easily and quickly clean your office desk, keyboard, furniture surface, car cushion by Mini Vacuum Cleaner. It can also deal with eraser slag, cigarette ash, biscuit crumbs, paper scraps.

Desktop electric dust collector

You can call it Desktop electric dust collector or Mini vacuum cleaner.

It has strong suction, effectively picks up small trash on the desktop, and keeps your desktop clean and tidy.

For Cleaning up small, dry particles and debris from hard and upholstered surfaces(countertops, desks, tables, tile and wooden floors, low-moderate pile carpeting, sofas, chairs, blankets, leather surfaces, car interiors, bags, and suitcases.

Desktop electric dust collector
Desktop electric dust collector

It can be used to clean pet hairs off table tops, small rugs or pet beds.

It runs on 2 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Usage Instructions

1. Empty debris particles from base cover into trash after each use for bestperformance.

2. Completely remove the base cover and filter assembly from the unit for cleaning. Rinsebase cover and filter under warm water to clean leftover particles and residue. Make sure the cover and filter are completely dry before reassembling.

3. Do not expose upper housing or motor components to water. These components should be cleaned using only compressed air or a small brush if needed.

4. If a decrease in cleaning performance is noticed, empty the base cover, check for blockages and replace batteries if needed.

8.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Techies

It is the best Gift for Techies, College Students, and Coders

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Battery Operated
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