Self Stirring Camera Lens Mug is Perfect Gift for Men and Women


Focus on coffee is the perfect way to celebrate and celebrate together with friends using innovative camera lens mug is another way to capture lifetime memories.

Are your Ready for Camera Lens Mug

Its stainless steel keeps coffee piping hot, and its spill-proof lid with convenient sipping lip makes it the best mug for travel.

The Self-Stirring option is the ultimate way of having tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soups.

Simple press the stir button and have the hard work done for you!

Get maximum results with minimum effects with Self Stirring Camera Lens Mug.

It is an excellent product, and you can see hurricanes in the coffee mug. Grab the perfect shot with a focus on coffee!

The product comes with 2X AAA batteries, and it has a small fan at the bottom middle of the mug. 

When batteries brained out just replace with new batteries at the bottom of mug to run the fan.

The Self-Stirring Coffee Mug is the perfect gift for persons who are interested in photography and enjoy taking on their beverages.

Designed in the shape and form of a DSLR lens, this self spinning mug is a stylish addition to your kitchen and dining decor.

The premium stainless steel coffee mug with lids are perfect for your morning cup while you continue with your morning routine.

You can use mug lids as a cookie/ biscuit holder. The product comes with two lids, one lid for sipping, and another one is for cover on the top.

Camera Lens Mug Specifications

  • Material : ABS food-grade plastic exterior with 304 Stainless steel interior mug plus Acrylic + Motor. It is food-grade, hygienic, 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, non-leaching.
  • Capacity : 300 ML
  • Weight : 275 gm
  • Color : Balck
Image describes parts of Lens Mug
Complete part details

Cleaning Instructions

If you are washing along with the batteries, remove the base part and wipe it with a dry cloth. It’s is advisable to remove batteries and wash the mug.
Don’t put it in a dish washer. Try to clean it separately. Don’t put in the water to wash, just wash inside.

Noteworthy Points

Camera lens coffee mug is a mixer, not a heater, so It’s stirs all sorts of liquids. It mixes things without the need for a spoon.

Lens mug made of plastic outside and not safe for microwaving and stainless steel inside. Hence both are not recommended for oven usage.

It’s not suitable for travelling. It’s not leakproof.

  • Sipper : Yes
  • Self Stirring : Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe : No
  • Handle : No
  • In The Box : [1 x Mug] & [2 x AAA Batteries]

Crazo Fashion Stainless Steel Lens Shape Coffee Mug
as of 8 April 2021 7:47 pm
8.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Women and Men

Unique Design and Perfect Gift Item

  • Self-Stirring Option
  • Battery Operated
  • Stainless Steel plus ABS Food Grade Plastic outside
  • Simple Cleaning
  • No Handle
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