Skinners Ultraportable Sock Shoes

Sock or Shoe? It is both

You say socks I say shoes so it’s a revolutionary sock shoe from Skinners. It’s skinners minimalist barefoot running sock shoe.

Skinners can be described as both a sock and a shoe and yet neither, They are designed for travelers and sportspeople as well as everyday users.

It’s Unisex, Machine Washable and Durable and Flexible, Pocket-sized, they can be worn inside shoes or on their own.

Skinners at all conditions

They are antibacterial, which minimizes smells and is as tough as keeps debris out especially when you are running on sand.

You can use these for yoga, gym, rock hopping, day hikes, and water sport. It is high-tech footwear that is designed to protect your feet whilst participating in any sport.

if you like minimalist shoes you will absolutely love these.

It’s upper is a stretch-knit sock which is antibacterial yarns and the outer sole is made up of a high-end Anti-abrasive Swedish polymer.


Skinners adapt to your body, activates each muscle and tendon, and lets your feet do their thing.

you’re getting again the comfort of a sock and the protection and the grip of a shoe. you can wash it as many times as you like.

it’s quite useful for dirt trails, slippery surfaces, and grass because of the outer sole of this particular shoe. It gives a sticky sensation during foot ground contact which is why it’s suitable for slippery conditions.

Skinners Specifications

Weight80 g | 2.8 oz
Machine Washable30 °C | delicate cycle
Durable650+ km | 400+ mil
Harmless0 % BPA & phthalate
Protective3mm thin sole
Technical Details
10 Total Score
Best Gift for Men and Women

Universal Gift

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Unisex Model
  • Durable
  • Water-Resistant Underside
  • Anti-odor
  • Comfortable & Protective
  • Bit Expensive
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