Walabot-Best Gift for Men


If your husband or dad is a DIY men or home improvement guru or professional carpenter or wall drilling expert. Then walabot DIY wall scanner is the best gift for men you can present.

Product description

It detects wooden studs, beams and joists, PVC and metal pipes, conduit and electrical wires and cables.

It also detects metal objects such as studs, pipes, and reinforcement bars. Track pests and rodents.

Image source : https://walabot.com/diy

On the off chance that you need to utilize the walabot DIY with your smartphone, you have to connect the gel cushion between the walabot and your telephone.

The walabox doesn’t have a battery, it works with your phone’s battery you simply need to attach the USB cable. it also comes with a USB type-c cable for phones with USB seaports.

Unbox Walabot DIY

Below are items comes with package.

Image source : https://walabot.com/diy

The walabot DIY also comes with a plastic film to avoid scratching the walls.

It also comes with Walabot DIY app and you can choose between concrete and drywall calibrating the Walabot scanner by using an APP. It is simple and only takes a few seconds.

You can follow their tutorial videos to learn how to use walabot effectively.

it has three different modes, the pen mode which gives you a panoramic view of the full wall line, the image mode which shows your visual classification of studs pipes and more and the expert mode which shows the raw signals from the wall.

it’s easy to use and it’s very convenient when your dad or husband works around the house. if he is Do It Yourself guy and has an Android smartphone, Walabot is the best perfect gift for men.

Scanning pipes using walabot

The Walabot only works with Android smartphones, it is not compatible with iPhones or Android tablets.

9.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Men

  • Easy to use
  • No recharging or batteries needed
  • An effective device in the market
  • Uses cutting edge technology
  • Works with Android smartphones
  • Not compatible with iPhones or Android tablets
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