Dhyana Meditation Tracker


Dhyana yoga meditation tracker is a smart ring that tracks your Heart Rate Variability, to measure your meditation.

A smart ring with an APP and it works with all the popular apps YouTube, Headspace, Calm, etc.

It has wireless charging option also.

Charging options

Is it necessary to have a device for meditation. Then answer is “YES”

The device helps to guide you; analyze how well you’ve done and motivate you to keep going and it estimates exactly what meditation needs right now

Video Courtesy from Dhyana

Dhyana yoga meditation ring promise is to measure your mindfulness which is an act of being focussed/aware without getting distracted.

Instant Biofeedback reports

The device perfectly works with the dhyana app, available on the App Store and Play Store.

9.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Men and Women

You can present to vivid yoga lover

  • Tech-Friendly Product
  • APP enabled
  • Reports can be generated from APP
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