Chair Cum Ladder Convertible


It’s a chair and it’s a step ladder, it’s Chair Cum Ladder

4 Step ladder cum chair

A Chair that can become a very necessary staircase/ladder in the kitchen or cellar.

Originally, Benjamin Franklin designed this chair cum ladder, and it is so cool because it looks like a regular chair, but if you turn it, the chair becomes a ladder. It is brilliant.

3 step adder dimensions

An occasional chair like this is handy to have whenever you’ve got extra guests for parties or over the holidays but this chair is special it articulates into a four-step/three-step stool.

How to use the chair as ladder

It’s going to be really handy to have around the house. It’s great for use wherever you need a little extra storage and a little boost to get to those upper cabinets in your laundry room, your kitchen may be your closet in your master bedroom.

And what would you use it for? Would you use it for top shelves? Would use it for the cabinet? Do you have a library?

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