Drill Duster™ – Dust Collector for Household Drilling Machines


Drill Duster™(SID07) is a simple dust collector mechanical accessory that can be fitted to any handheld drilling machine.

Image courtesy from SID07 Designs

The drill dust collector can be used to collect the dust at the very source during drilling to avoid the dirt created from the source.

It is not required to use any additional motors and batteries for using the Drill Duster™(SID07).

Courtesy from SID07 Designs

It protects your lungs by keeping the work environment dust free during and after drilling, can collect and store dust for upto 20 holes.

Compatible Drill Bits
Drill Duster can be used with both standard masonry and hammer drill bits ranging from 4 mm to 10 mm in diameter.
Drill Duster Features

You can avoid all the mess that is created during the drilling hence no post drilling cleanup is required, ever!

Instrument comes with 6 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The product Drill Duster is protected by a granted patent in India and an International PCT patent application, the rights to which are completely owned by SID07 Designs (OPC) Private Limited.

How to Use drill dust collector

Drill Duster Usage instructions
9.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Dad & Geek

  • Protects Your Lungs and Eyes
  • High Convenience
  • Large Dust Storage
  • Suitable for 4-10 mm drill bits
  • Not Suitable for all mm drill bits
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