Effie Automatic Ironing Machine


Have your tired spending your valuable time ironing your clothes using ironing machines?.

Ironing not a difficult job now with Effie

A perfect way to save your time is by introducing Robotic automatic machine to your home.

Effie Ironing machine is a new domestic appliance, that can dry and iron your clothes simultaneously.

Effie has been designed by engineers Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth, both 27. 

To make short work of crumpled shirts, blouses, trousers and even underwears.

This device named Effie can dry and iron 12 separate pieces of clothing at once, which it’s inventors claim cuts ironing time by 95 percent.

Effie Automatic Ironing Machine

Effie automatic machine is designed by its specialized engineers as a fully working prototype, with a full version of loaded high-end technology.

Effie stands 4 ft and has 141 component to make your work easier. You can roll it wherever you want to use, as it consists of assembled wheels at the bottom edges.

You can load them all at once onto the automated rail and Effie will do the rest, and you can pick them up whenever you want. It requires single mains power plug.

Effie Automatic Ironing Machine

Effie Ironing Machine Features and Details

It contains three modes of viable options.


Effie uses a patent pressing method to directly pull the wrinkles out of your clothes.


Steam, with good moderate heat, the steam Effie pushes steam into your, more delicate clothes without touching them, allowing the wrinkles to fall out.


It dries and irons your clothes using a pressing system leaving them creaseless and ready to wear.

How Machine Works

It operates very decent to provide suitable work without the efforts of your hands.

It works magic without consuming your time, and assure excellent cleaning of your clothes.


  • Fabric – Effie handles clothing materials like polyester, cotton, silk, viscose, and denim. But not leather clothes.
  • No installation, as Effie is automated it doesn’t need a plumber to fix the machine, it only needs a power plug to work.
  • Hangers, well designed aligned hangers which can hold around 12 separate pieces of clothing at once.
  • One button, with a single click on the button, it can make your clothes dry and iron whenever you want.
  • Delicates, it can steam your clothes with delicate ironing, without touching them, to make softened and smoothened.
  • Scented clothes, The device even has a scented ball compartment to add a smell of your choice of laundry. Before starting off, you can put some scent or fragrance to allow the best freshness.
  • Touch up tool, and you can use a handy touch up tool connected to your device to sleeve your shirt with the perfect crease. You don’t need to pick up the iron every time to fix the issue.
  • Removable tank, A bar which works as a steam iron using the machine’s removable water tank, presses the garments and smoothness out creases.
  • Connected app, you can keep track of it on your phone from anywhere and come back when it’s done and roll it away.
App for ironing machine

9.5 Total Score
Best Gift for Organizations

  • It takes 3 minutes to iron each item and 6 minutes to dry and iron each item.
  • It only need water to work.
  • It requires no plumber but only a single main power plug.
  • Can also dry socks, underwear, and other incidentals.
  • It will not be able to iron leather clothed items.
  • It cannot wash your clothes.
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