A Mystical Forest Moss Frame – Best Gift for Girlfriend

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A Mystical Forest Moss Frame – Best Gift for Girlfriend
A Mystical Forest Moss Frame – Best Gift for Girlfriend

Finding a unique gift for girlfriend may be tough, but not hard now.Mystical Forest Moss Frame is the one of best gift for your girlfriend.


it’s just going to be so much fun to be able to share the best gift for wife on her special occasion and also decorating ideas.

That is the Mystical Forest Moss Frame is the gift idea for women on any special occasion.

Moss frame
Frame in living room

Let’s your loved own decorate your home with a part of nature. Add some lush greenery in your home without having to take care of it.

Frame offers variety of local mosses with different textures and colors.

You will absolutely love little succulents and moss contained within a frame perfect for your bed room or living room.

Frame has real moss so it looks authentic and pleasant.

it’s not going to lose it’s green color because it’s been dried properly so just hang it up and it looks like a real growing living wall.

It’s so perfect because you don’t have to water but it is a really cool way to on greenery to your space.

What is Moss Frame

Find more about in video

Care Instructions

Do NOT water the moss.

Keep in Semi or Complete Shade. Direct sunlight will fade the color of the moss.


Size : 36″ x 12″

Material for Frame : Raw Wood

Moss : Reindeer Dyed Moss

*Please Note: This product should not come in contact with water or direct sun.

Moss frame is the perfect perfect gift and the best wall art piece to complete a decoration or brighten someone’s day.

10 Total Score
Best gift for girlfriend

Universal Gift for both Men and Women

  • Dialy care not required
  • Water not required
  • Sunlight not required
  • Easy to maintain
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