OPEN Latch Pro+ Bluetooth Smart lock for Doors, Gates, Shutters


Smartness is your key to open, control, and manage the smart lock available in the market.

All you need is a smartphone. Keys are no longer required, just an APP. the lock provides much more than the ability to lock and unlock a door without a key.  

OPEN Latch Pro+ Bluetooth Smart Padlock for Doors, Gates, Shutters

Keyless, Anti-Theft, IP65 Waterproof and 1 Year Warranty 

OPEN Latch Pro+ Bluetooth smart lock is doesn’t need keys at all. It works with APP through Bluetooth technology.

It is smallest lock fits into your palm and can open through smartphone.

The smart key allows you to share access remotely with your family members, friends present at the door.

Just charge for 2 hours and enjoy 60 days of uninterrupted use.It is an IP65 certified smart padlock made for outdoor use.

Adding your family and Giving Fingerprint access

Smart Key Technical Specifications

  • Battery Life : 1.5 years
  • Material : Aluminium alloy
  • Type : 3.7V 0.555Wh
  • Communication : BLE 4.0
  • Charger : Micro-usb 5V supply
  • Weight : 242 gms (0.5 pounds)
  • Charging time : 2hrs to full charge
  • Encryption : AES 128-bit
  • Safety : OTP authorization
  • Warranty : 1 Year
9 Total Score
Perfect Gift for Geek and Parents

  • Easy to Use
  • Tension-free Key Management
  • APP Availability
  • Not All-in-One solution
  • No Locking through Wi-Fi or Internet
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