Unique Nose Shape Liquid Lotion Dispenser


Why can’t add some fun to your bathroom using big runny nose shower gel dispenser squirts a soapy gel from its nostril with every squeeze it.

Unique Nose Soap Dispenser

Unique nose shape soap dispenser simply stick the suction pad to the wall of your bathroom, fill the dispenser with soap and you have the bathroom gadget everyone needs!

Dimensions of Nose Soap Dispenser

Anyone can easily Install by attaching suction cups to any flat surface. Just press the nose, and gel oozes out of the right nostril.

Manufacturer recommends cleaning the nose out each time the shower gel runs out by flushing out with warm water.

This also fun way to get your kids to CLEAN!

A perfect unique gift for someone in need of some humorous hygiene.

Refilling can be done easily by unscrewing the cap on the back of the nose.

Material: Silicone

Size: 21.2cm * 22.9cm * 11cml

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