Majextand M Fully Adjustable Folding Smartphone Stand


Majextand M is the best mobile phone stand for desk and your comfort did just one simple lift away.

You can free yourself from neck and back pain, no more hunching over the screens, and no need to struggle with angles anymore.

Ultrathin Mobile Stand

Majextand M Phone/Tablet Stand Crafted with Stainless Steel, next generation Angle/Height adjusting device stand for different situations and your comfort is just one simple lift away.

Majextand M
Happy from Every Angle

This new innovative height/angle adjusting electronic device stand, Majextand M designed for users who are looking for the perfect mobile phone stand for a desk that fulfills all their needs at home and office.

From Zero Degrees to 90 Degrees

From 0° to 90°, Majextand M covers every possible angle for your ergonomic comfort in both portrait and landscape modes. Attached to the back of your device extending up to a full 12cm height, eliminating any neck or back injuries bad postures may lead to.


You’ll only need one stand for all of your devices, switching between devices can’t be any easier. There’s no need to spend extra money on other device stands when a single piece of metal can cater to all your needs.

You can Switching between Devices

Its special non-adhesive back attaching docking sheet, Majextand M supports all sorts of mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Kindles, or Nintendo Switches.

Non-Adhesive Back Attaching Docking Sheet

Unlike other products on the market with plastic PU material, Majextand is crafted with stainless steel. Making it much more reliable, and stronger for your everyday use. It’s foldable, and 0.23cm super thin, precisely designed to be unfelt and unseen when attached.

Attachable Ultrathin Stand

The docking sheet attached to the back of your device is also specifically designed to not interfere with wireless charging functions.

Specializing in precision metal processing and industrial design, it took months for the team to develop the Majextand M and reach industrial standards of perfection and precision.


9Majextand M Best Stand

<strong>Fully Adjustable Folding Smartphone Stand</strong>

It’s ideal for individuals who look for and want straightforward moderate designs. With the smooth metal surface, the exact adjusting segments, and the fortified structures combined, the Majextand M really shows your great taste.

Paper-thin & Multifunctional stand

Creative, paper-thin, multifunctional stand, Majextand M really holds up the name for being the cutting edge foldaway stand.

Compatibility of the Stand

This mobile stands compatible with numerous devices such as Kindles, Switches, iPhones, iPads, Galaxys… etc.

Support All Sorts of Mobile Devices


9 Total Score
Perfect Stand for All Your Needs

  • Covering All Possible Angles
  • Free Yourself From Harms & Injuries
  • Compatible with All Devices, Smartphones
  • Easy Switch Between Devices
  • Strong, Sturdy and Ultra-Thin
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy Detachable Stand
  • Mobile Covers, Cases are Not Suitable
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