VegTrug Grow Care Smart Pot for Garden/Home/Office


If you have grown a lot of beautiful plants and unfortunately have lost some, that’s what gardening is all about learning trial and error.

When it comes to growing plants indoors is trial and error to know what works best.

Grow care pot take the guesswork out of caring for your plants and keep you fully informed via your smartphone!

VegTrug Grow Care Smart Pot will automatically monitor the soil’s health, telling you what your plant needs from water fertilizer and sunlight temperature.

Smart Garden Pot

Smart Pot connects via Bluetooth to your smart device and will give you feedback on your plant’s health through the app.

Grow Care App is available for both IOS and Android.

APP has over 6000 plants listed and each one of them has all its growing information care notes and a brief introduction to your house plant.

You can specify the plant you want grow in the pot.

VegTrug emblem is more than just a pretty symbol, it’s a color changing light.

Grow Care Smart Pot

The emblem isn’t just for show and tells you that there’s new information on the app.

When it goes blue, your plant thirsty, so it needs a drink and when it goes yellow, your plant hungry, so give it a feed.

When it’s red, it’s all about the pot and it needs recharging. It’s one of the most innovative and exciting plant technology.

The pot has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery to recharge.

You can use Grow Care Smart Pot at the home, apartment, in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, on your desk also.

10 Total Score
Best Gift for Garden Enthusiast

  • Easy to Use
  • APP Enabled
  • Check Moisture & Nutrition with APP
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